Creative excellence in Architecture
Weir Architecture is an Architectural Company with a strong depth of experience in the design of Commercial, Residential and Retirement projects both in Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

With an aging population in New Zealand we see the retirement industry as an expanding market that we would like to continue to grow within.


This multi-award winning team is led by managing director Robert Weir and associates Raymond Barnes & John Pettersen they bring together their considerable expertise and experience to each project and focus on developing the best solution for you.

For over three decades Robert has been designing modern architectural housing and commercial premises as well as resorations for classical and heritage buildings. Roberts understanding of projects and his practical building applications has evolved from his hands on approach to many of his own constructions projects. Robert's passion is for well-crafted design that has simplicity, strength and elegance.

Weir Architecture has high level stringent quality controls and assurance systems in place, to ensure the design; drawings and documentation are of the highest quality.

  • Independent checking and co-ordination of documentation
  • Design team meetings, for development of design ideas and co-ordination of projects
  • Drawing registers and document transfers to ensure full documentation control
  • Site completion meetings with main contractor to obtain feedback on Architectural Documentation

Passion & Innovation: Our fresh approach and unquenchable desire for new ideas, create aspirational buildings our clients are passionate about too!